The Balance of Fate

Faerunean myths tell of a draconic goddess that leads the balance of life, hunting the evils that disrupt the balance.
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 Paragon Tier woo!

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PostSubject: Paragon Tier woo!   Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:10 pm

Congratulations to the both of you on reaching Paragon tier! Pending plans, I'll be (trying) to spend tomorrow the 16th putting together your lvl 11th Character Sheets, as well as packets of guides you'll need for your character's development. As you may recall, I'm asking the both of you to keep up with your sheets. I'll help you figure them out, and you can post them here. I'll post the updated sheets in your character slots.

So what's up for the party now? Well, first we have to wrap-up Graz'zt's little mess in the High Forest. Then we'll begin the next part of our journey. I won't offer much in the way of spoilers, but there are shadows lurking, combining, and beginning to threaten all of Faerun and the party. Whispers of these shadows will rear their head soon, and may even threaten to force the party to kill a god. So here's to the future!
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Paragon Tier woo!
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