The Balance of Fate

Faerunean myths tell of a draconic goddess that leads the balance of life, hunting the evils that disrupt the balance.
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 Batch 2

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PostSubject: Batch 2   Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:07 pm

So I sent everyone a private message updating things as they stand. I'll be fleeing to school early tomorrow and we can chat then concerning them.

Also, I've role-played a session of sex on a different campaign (very possible) and the old way leaves everything up to dice. It stream-lines it and simplifies it; however, I feel it...'breaks the mood' so to say. So I want to know your opinion: Should I open an option to rp out the sex scenes? To prevent violating the rules of ForumMotion that the site is hosted on, we'd take the session to chat, and if the player is uncomfortable with rp at the moment or simply wants to get back to the main session, then we can dice-roll the sex scenes. Or should we keep it to dice altogether? It's completely up to you the players, and I can accomidate individual cases. EDIT: We're just going to say "You share a romantic night." Or something like that.

And a Happy Labor Day to everyone! I have to work, so we may be able to rp that day if I flee into work a little earlier. Otherwise, I'll bump it to another day, which day depending on my work schedule. Have fun everyone!
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Batch 2
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