The Balance of Fate

Faerunean myths tell of a draconic goddess that leads the balance of life, hunting the evils that disrupt the balance.
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 Not rules; Announcements

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PostSubject: Not rules; Announcements   Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:06 am

1. Rhianwen's player has left because she would have been involved in 3 campaigns. This is a bit much considering she also has college and a job, so she stepped out of ours.

2. The campaign times will be a little rough, what with me starting a new semester of college soon. I need to prepare for it, and we may be on temporary hiatus until further notice. Take this as a chance to read through some of the books you can find online, develop backgrounds and characters, and stuff like that. I will still be reachable via PM on here or occasionally chat on MSN, but don't count on that last one. And it will be choppy. Just be patient and we'll be back at it in no time.

3. One thing I'm having as far as issues go is a lack of checks on behalf of the party. Spot & Insight are two major checks that no one on the party is making. I won't always tell you when to make checks; you need to take initiative. I will try this out for one or two more sessions, and if the party does not learn how to do checks, I'll throw in an arch that will make you guys learn.
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Not rules; Announcements
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