The Balance of Fate

Faerunean myths tell of a draconic goddess that leads the balance of life, hunting the evils that disrupt the balance.
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 Basic History of Torill as We All Know

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PostSubject: Basic History of Torill as We All Know   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:06 am

So keep in mind this is stuff you guys will know. Not so much important, but it helps to know.
Major Nations:
Amn was once divided, ruled by 4 brothers. By Plot & Poison the brothers killed each other off, until finally one of them remained. While not the most honorable of kings, the Ruler of Amn does keep his kingdom in good condition. The people stay fed and protected. Amn is set on the conjoining point of several major trade routes, as well as based on the ocean.
Currently Amn is hounded by Velen to the South. Velen is marked as the instigator in the current war, but some whisper it is otherwise. As the kingdom the party starts out in, Amn has everything they will need to get anything accomplished, be they ally or enemy who supplies it.
A kingdom based far to the south, Calimshan has only recently emerged from a civil war. They have instigated a war with the kingdom of Tethyr from the north. Some believe it is nothing more than because the Lord of Sands (Ruler of Calamshan) does not like the new ruler of Tethyr, and for it has launched a war that has lasted only a half a century short of the Kingdom's Union, with the war lasting 1o4 years.
Wedged between Velen & Calimshan, Tethyr is a temperate-climate kingdom that is really not all that special. It's caught in a war with Calamshan.
Thay is a kingdom in the middle-east portion of Faerun, the continent the RP is set on. About 2oo years ago, it was under the control of Necromancers; however, a grand army of Paladins from the faiths of Bahamut, Pelor, Kelemvor & Silvanus united and rose against the Necromancers, crushing it easily. Still battered and wounded from the war, the Paladins then traveled below the plateu that makes up Thay to attack the Demon that sleeps below. While they failed to kill it, they weakened it for at least another 5oo years, if not more.
Thay is currently established as the Dragonborn Kingdom. However, Thay is building up into a nation that hints to be the beginings of a new Arkhosia. (See the Dead Nations Section on that) Not only that, but they are building forces to challenge the weakened Demon and eliminate it once and for all. It is a Lawful Good Nation that is ruled by 8 different Dragonborn Lords, forming a council. Two or three are advised by Dragons, and the others have Dragons in their courts. It is a powerful nation to ally with, and the Paladin on your party hails from there.
To the south of Amn lays Velen, a forest-covered penensula. It is sadly ruled by Bannites, a fact that is frowned upon by Thay. However, with forces being focused on eliminating the demon below it's lands, Thay is uninterested in war. They hope that the war with the much-better fortified Amn will take care of it, and that an alliance will help.
Velen is focused on destroying Amn, adding another nation to it's rulership. With war possibly breaking out between 3 different factions, Velen is poised to loot the ruins.
Dead Nations:
The kingdom of Dragons and Kin, it was a grand Empire that was destroyed not only from within but also during a war with Bael Turath. Zebukiel, a Gray Dragon who was also a Dragon Lord, is often credited with the buckling of this nation.
Bael Turath:
The Kingdom of Devils and Demons once went to war with Arkhosia, and through the manipulation of the Dragon Lord Zebukiel, they were able to weaken the kingdom. However, the Demons & Devils were prone to their own trechery and Bael Turath fell at about the same time.
More info will be posted as needed, and all nations will be arranged alphabetically. New updates will have a Exclamation next to them.
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PostSubject: More on Peludra's Citadel   Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:28 am

Peludra's Citadel at Chult (often referred to as the Crystal Citadel due to the large panes of stained glass that gleam like jewels in the sunlight) is the last remaining bastion of her worshipers in Faerun. Not being considered a Major Deity, her religion crumbled the hardest when Arkhosia fell. The Crystal Citadel survived so well for many reasons.
The Citadel is located in a large bay facing east into the Shining Sea. The north and south sides of the bay have large cliffs protecting it, and walls atop those cliffs trace down to encompass the small city at the base of the citadel, then up to the plateau behind the citadel. This Plateau is actually part of the citadel and acts as a landing pad for the dragons that come and go. The walls are strong and well-defended, and repair quickly due to a unique construction. Imnris, the current ruler of the citade, is good at strategies and takes full advantage of her resources without taxing those under her.
Just beyond the citadel there are woods and farms inhabited by many a peaceful soul. These people, as well as the people in the city, pay a seasonal tribute, usually around 5 or 10% of their assets, depending on their job and financial stability. Farmers usually pay this tribute in the form of livestock, and in exchange the citadel stands guard for them. Lithmar and Carthak, both sharing the title of Fifth Knight, often will spend their free time giving back to the people, since there is not a lot that threatens them. With Chult so far out of the way, it rarely poses any strategic benefits.
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Basic History of Torill as We All Know
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